It’s all about turning passion into profession – and about the North. With Skattakista, we offer beautiful products, select delicacies, our own handcrafted wool and adventure trips in the Faroe Islands. 

Nordic design, New Nordic Cuisine, North Atlantic. Our inner compass needle always points north. The Faroe Islands in the middle of the North Atlantic are even our second home. During the winter months, storms sweep across our grass roof, or Northern Lights dance in our bay. In the summertime, we clip sheep, go fishing and watch pink-colored cotton-wool clouds sail across the horizon.

We: live and breathe North. Why did we name our brand Skattakista? Because it’s Faroese for treasure chest. Take a look and find out what we put in our skattakista. We are happy to share our passion and expertise with you.


Francesco Mazuhn, entrepreneur.  




We exclusively offer wool that comes from our friends' sheep, the animals of well acquainted village farmers and from our own sheep. During summer, the sheep graze up in the mountains. In the winter, they stroll around the villages.

Our wool gets washed, combed and made into yarn in Germany, ecological and by hand, in a sheltered workshop that's part of an anthroposophical community.



It’s possible that we are talking about the best sheepskins worldwide. The sheep of the Faroes live free all year long. Their skin is strong and packed with lanolin. 

Sitting outside on one of our sheepskins, in green grass, or in front of a cozy fireplace – heaven. We provide sheepskins from our own sheep and from the village farmers’ sheep. The skins get tanned in Germany.



Raised surrounded by the roaring waves of the ever-present North Atlantic, brought up from more than 50 meters water depth.

Sugar kelp at its best. Super fresh and super tasty. Secret recipe. We provide our algae processed and ground. Protein-packed, hundred percent substitute for salt. Mix our product with i.a. mashed potatoes. You will be amazed.

Langoustines Sizes © My Faroe Islands, Anja Mazuhn  (1 von 1).jpg


They are surely ranked among the best and most exclusive worldwide. Our langoustines are caught with the help of pots, the most sustainable and non-stressful way.

After that, they are shipped in special boxes, just in time. We offer langoustines from the Faroe Islands subject to availability in three different sizes.


Not only will you find elegant and handmade lamps and bowls, but also our cuddly Skattakista pillows, Faroese wool, each item unique and handcrafted.

Our own Skattakista wool is exceptionally soft. Together with the villagers, we herd up all sheep, move them from steep mountains down to our village and manually clip them with blade shears.

Following this, our wool gets washed, combed and made into yarn in Germany, ecological and by hand, in a sheltered workshop that's part of an anthroposophical community. After that, the knitting part begins ... From the wild Faroese sheep and its untreated wool to our handcrafted pillowcases. Skattakista pillows, different sizes and designs. We also offer premium drinking horns. Orders via the button at the end of this page or via our Skattakista Shop


Sheep clipping. Row like a viking. Harvesting truly big fish. Adventure North. In the Faroe Islands. Tailor-made discoveries. Incentives. Small group tours and travel. Catching langoustines. Grotto picnic. Sailing trips. Mountain lake bath. Getting a taste of local delicacies, authentically. Ræst. Skerpikjøt. Garnatálg. Catching fulmar. Cliff climbing. Test your limits. Great northern experiences. Skattakista. We make them happen. Interested? Send us a message.


Thank you for your interest in our company.

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